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Kamtime Adventures teams up with the best Scuba Diving Travel Wholesalers to offer individual, family and group rate at affordable pricing on dive trips from California to far away exotic places like the South Pacific, Great Barrier Reef and Indonesia to name a few. Some of our destinations are listed below:

California Channel Islands
Exotic Destinations Budget Friendly
Exotic Fiji Wananavu Beach Resort
Beqa Lagoon
Dumaguete, Philippines
Puerto Galera, Philippines
Turquoise Bay, Roatan
Del Mar Cozumel
Fiesta American Cozumel
Magic Islands Phiippines

Kamtime Adventures is an advocate for Good Will Diving. Good Will Diving collects donations, like reading glasses, which you can volunteer to deliver to your dive trip destination. It's a great way to give back to the communities!

Looking for that very special dive spot? Even if it's not on our list above, Kamtime Adventures can help you arrange a dive trip for the individual, family or groups at affordable prices. Just give us a call.

For more information or to book your trip call 408.733.4510 or email .

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